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A Fun Game Of Kim K's Butt OR A Greased Turkey?!

So if you're sitting there DYING of boredom at your grandparents house, Perez Hilton came up with a really fun game to keep you company! LOL   It's called "Kim Kardashians Butt...
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After 6 YEARS, Husband & Wife FINALLY Get To Share First Dance!

BRB.. CRYING!! This is the most AMAZING story!!  After a terrible car accident left Joel Jackson unable to stand, walk, or even talk, he was FINALLY able to share his first dance...
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LISTEN: Adele's Isolated Vocals PROVE She's The Best Singer ALIVE!

There is ALWAYS controversy when isolated vocals are released, but NOT with Adele! This will make you swoon even HARDER over Adele!   Listen to Adele's Isolated tracks from SNL!...
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WATCH: Adele Made A Girl On Anesthesia Bleed!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..   That's all I have to say..   Adele has seems to have this effect on EVERYONE! //   Posted by Steven Jo on Monday,...
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WATCH: Insane Christmas Lights Synchronized to "Star Wars" Music!

I wonder how much MONEY they spent on all of these Christmas lights! This family went above and beyond with the lights this year!! WATCH this video of their Christmas lights...
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WATCH: Man Pranks His Wife In The FUNNIEST Way!!

OMG, This is the best prank ever!!! I would be so IRATE if someone did this to me!  //   Posted by John Huey on Monday, November 9, 2015
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WATCH: One Direction Plays "Never Have I Ever!"

The boys from One Direction played "Never Have I Ever," and there were some HILARIOUS admissions!   SOMEONE admitted to hooking up with a fan .... AND making out with someone...
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Oxford Dictionary's "Word of the Year" Isn't Actually A WORD!

  Oxford Dictionary's "Word of the Year" was just released... and.. ITS NOT EVEN A WORD!!   ITS A FREAKIN EMOJI!   The "Face With Tears Of Joy" Emoji is the...
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WATCH: BREAKING: Charlie Sheen Reveals He Is HIV Positive In TODAY Show Exclusive Interview!

I give Charlie Sheen MAD respect for this interview!! He was so open, strong, and I'm proud of him for taking this serious and using his platform to help others!   WATCH his...
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WATCH: SNEAK PEEK!! Adele Performs New Song "When We Were Young!"

FREAKIN. OUT!! Adele just performed "When We Were Young" from her BRAND new album, 25, coming out Friday!!   CLICK HERE to watch!!   It's totally fine if you...
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