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BREAKING: A NEW Harry Potter Story is Being Published This Summer & Muggles Eveywhere Can't Even

If you're a Potterhead like me, changes are you've been pining for an 8th installment to the Harry Potter  series for years . Well kids, time to RE-FRICKIN'-JOICE -- because its...
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PHOTOS: This Cat Named "Felix" Has Just Been Promoted At Work & Will Now Boss All of Us Around

Meet Felix , one hardworking feline who catches mice and keeps pests under control at the Huddersfield Railway Station in West Yorkshire, U.K. She actually just received a major promotion...
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WATCH: This Kid REALLY Wanted to Get in FoRmAtiOn For Beyonce's Halftime Performance

Michael Goorsky gave the world a gift when he posted a video of his little boy   trying to dance with Beyonce during Super Bowl 50's Pepsi Halftime Show. Gotta admit, I ran pretty...
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PHOTOS: No One Can Believe That These AdOrAbLe Babies Are TWINS

Meet Myla and Anaya , two beautiful 10-month-old babies from Manchester, England. The newborns are actually twins , a fact that shocks pretty much everyone -- given that Anaya...
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VIRAL: Watching This Mom Getting Her 4 Babies Dressed for Bed Will Exhaust You

In just under four days, more than 44 million people have watched   this mama ( Emily ) dress her baby triplets and toddler in just over two minutes. Yes, the video is sped up....
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WATCH: Lady Gaga Dancing During the Halftime Show Last Night is ALL OF US

The halftime show at # SB50 was just frickin' awesome [ IMO ] . Apparently, Lady Gaga thought so too! After wowing the crowd  with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner,...
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WATCH: The World is (RIGHTFULLY) Losing Its Mind Over Beyonce's New Song/Video

Stop everything , because mother ( Beyonce ) dropped a surprise single /music video yesterday -- right before  she's slated to join Coldplay for Super Bowl 50's halftime show. The song...
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BREAKING: #RIPTwitter Trends Worldwide After Website Announces A MAJOR Change

When I woke up to check Twitter this morning, I noticed something rather alarming was trending.... #RIPTwitter . After doing a little digging , I found out that the company is planning to...
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WATCH: Wal-Mart Employee Tells Teen That Clothes "..Obviously Aren't Going to Fit"

19-year-old Canadian vlogger Shiann Friesen  recently caught a pretty unpleasant encounter with a Walmart employee on camera. After Friesen asked if she could try on several...
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WATCH: This Genius Little Contraption Makes Painting Your Own Nails SO MUCH Easier

Dear god, I need one of these Tweexy  devices IMMEDIATELY. Basically, its this ring thing that holds your bottle of nail polish for you -- so painting your own nails isn't hard...
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