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Woody and Jim


This Nashville restaurant made Yelp's Top 100 in America

And the one Nashville restaurant that made the list wasn't in the M Street bunch (Virago, Kayne Prime, etc0. It wasn't in man-bun heavy East Nashville. At #67: Monell's... the eat in an old...
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Katie Holmes does spot on Beyonce SB impression.

Katie Holmes told Jimmy Fallon how she was desperate to see Beyonce's half time performance and just kind of lapsed into a pretty great impression.
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Kiss your loved ones, cuz ya never know.

 Jim's daughter was in an accident on 440 yesterday. She is fine but obviously shaken up. Kiss your loved ones everyday. Jim's takeaway: Thank you God. Thank you God. Thank you...
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Peyton Manning's secret word that reveals his future.

There's a lot more to what Peyton Manning said after the Superb Owl. Peyton may have said a secret word that tells us everything. The NFL bans an active player from...
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The Worst 'Family Feud' Answer Of All Time

The Worst 'Family Feud' Answer Of All Time Steve Harvey had a lot of patience, and quite a few laughs. But the producers weren't laughing. Harvey said they "mortified" as members of one...
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Kanye says Bill Cosby is innocent.

Kanye's "Bill Cosby is innocent" tweet has even his biggest fans shakin their heads. The tweet came out of nowhere and twitter's reaction was epic....
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The Superb owl commercial that got cut.

Ben Stiller was pimpin Zoolander 2 on Fallon . He told Jimmy about his Superb owl commercial that got censored from the big game commercials. In a hurry, skip ahead to the 1:22 mark.
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Woody & Jim called out by listener for being mean.

Monday's Gender Wars was called by many, the worst game ever .  Contestants were unresponsive at times. They took extraordinarily long to answer questions. Woody, Jim , and Savannah got...
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The Top 7 Commercials From Super "Unspeaka-Bowl" 50!

FYI, we're not allowed to put the words "super" & "bowl" together or else we'll get sued, so we're referring to it as the "Unspeaka-Bowl!"   We were a LITTLE bit underwhelmed by the...
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Beyonce tour & ticket sale date.

  Beyonce will make you pawn your car. She's playing Nissan Stadium on Cinco De Mayo! The first round of pre-sale tickets go on sale TUESDAY.  So join all the clubs. Get the...
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