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Woody and Jim


Woody & Jim called out by listener for being mean.

Monday's Gender Wars was called by many, the worst game ever .  Contestants were unresponsive at times. They took extraordinarily long to answer questions. Woody, Jim , and Savannah got...
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The Top 7 Commercials From Super "Unspeaka-Bowl" 50!

FYI, we're not allowed to put the words "super" & "bowl" together or else we'll get sued, so we're referring to it as the "Unspeaka-Bowl!"   We were a LITTLE bit underwhelmed by the...
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Beyonce tour & ticket sale date.

  Beyonce will make you pawn your car. She's playing Nissan Stadium on Cinco De Mayo! The first round of pre-sale tickets go on sale TUESDAY.  So join all the clubs. Get the...
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Snoop asks Peyton Manning for what at the press conference?!!

Sick of boring reporters asking boring questions before Unspeakabowl 50? Snoop Dog asked Peyton if he could get a stoner discount on pizza!
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J-Lo dubsmashes with Casper without makeup.

Jennifer Lopez showed herself without makeup! And she still looks great. She and boytoy Casper dubsmashed this moment... # #dubsmash #starbucks #chipotle #yogapants...
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Super Sunday prediction with eggs in a microwave.

Guaranteed winner predicted by a microwave and a couple would-be chickens.
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Free Deadpool premiere tix.

Woody has 100 tickets for the first people to meet him outside the Greenhills Cinema's tonight (Feb 4th) starting at 6:30pm.  First come, first serve. No guarantees, but hey, if you get...
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WATCH: Taylor Swift just showed everyone the BEST way to deal with Nashville Traffic!

Mildly... okay EXTREMELY freaking out because our girl, Taylor Swift, just instagrammed a video of her dad LISTENING TO THE RIVER!! AHHH!! My dad's got jokes. A video...
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Woman videos herself after being shot 4 times.

A Florida woman made a plea for help after being shot 4 times at a Burger King. Donesha Gantt streamed it live. She asked the Lord for forgiveness in the video. She was with a friend at the...
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Walken Closet!

Christopher Walken is America's treasure. Like bacon, everything is better when you add him to it. See Woody and Jim predict the winner with farm animals and a microwave  here.
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