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Woody and Jim


Planned implosion has unplanned mishap.

This historic tower had to come down. So they decided to implode it with explosives. They tried twice, but it wouldn't come down. So one worker hit it with his backhoe.
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Guy finds out he's a grandfather in a Jimmy Fallon way.

This fantastic reaction from a grandpa-to-be will make you happy. Alexa Goolsby, who posted the announcement to YouTube, and her husband announced their news to Goolsby's parents by using...
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The voice of 'Hey Arnold' is grown up and HOT!

Holy crap. Look at the guy who used to voice Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold. His name is Lane Toran and he's all grown up now. And his head is not football shaped at all. 
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Katniss LOVES Pita(s)

We are in a slight shame spiral, because we watched this 50 times.
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Astronaut tweets pic of UFO.

Astronaut Scott Kelly just broke records for being in space aboard the International Space Station.  He tweeted this pic from space that has people wondering if this is an alien space craft....
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YouTubesDay Artist of the Week:The Pfeiffer Twins

The girls are sassy, SUPER talented, AND identical twins!   Check out The Pfeiffer Twins and their original song, "Nobody's Puppet!" If you or anyone you know should be...
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So funny: Adele T-Giving Skit from SNL.

This Thanksgiving skit about Adele and Thanksgiving dinner is everything.
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Wal-Mart employee fired for redeeming $5 in old bottles

Thomas Smith was turning his life around. The 52 year old man had just finished serving a 15 yr prison sentence (for armed robbery while he addicted to crack and heroin). He was homeless....
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The Walking Dead: amusement park ride.

  There will be a Walking Dead ride. We just don't know where it will be. It's been created, and a small part of it was showed off at an amusement park trade show in Orlando. The...
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Katniss vs Hermione Rap Battle

It's the final Hunger Games film and let's celebrate by having the 2 greatest female characters of our time throw it down..
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